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Current auctions:

BID BY AUGUST 1, 2004 - winner will be e-mailed on August 2, 2004

1. Got milk? Hot Wheels milk truck: 1998 First Editions, "Daily delivery" - brand new, in package

Starting bid: $3.00

2. People Celebrity Fact Finder 1999 - originally brought for $4.95, includes Ron Howard, David Copperfield, Vanessa Williams, Joshua Jackson, Hanson, Johnny Benson, Shirley Jones, Marion Ross & Florence Henderson, Bart & Lisa Simpson, Tyra Banks, Quaker Oats - MIBWM, Neve Campbell, LeAnn Rimes, and Fraiser GM ads

Starting bid: $7.00

3. Family Circle & U.S. News "Your Family's Health", Spring 1999 with Rugrats, Garfield, Fraiser, ("70%"), Vanessa Willams, Quaker Oats - MIBWM, Shirley Jones, Marion Ross & Florence Henderson, Ekaterina Gordeeva & Daria Grinkov, Elle MacPherson, Ron Howard, Mark McGwire, Melanie Griffith & Alexander, Stella & Dakota GM ads - brand new, originally priced for $2.99

Starting bid: $5.00

4. Got Jesus? licence plate frame - brand new, black license plate frame with Got Jesus on bottom in white in Got Milk? font

Starting bid: $5.00

5. Nic & Sam Larson Got milk ad - very rare!

Starting bid: $3.00

E-mail me with your name, the auction number, and how much you want to bid. I'll post the most recent bids; check back often!